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Created by Indirect Wireless Retailers specifically to maximize in-store accessory revenues, AMPD Accessories prides itself on what we refer to as the four core pillars of our business: 


Product - We are constantly testing and researching products to ensure that we are bringing in only products of the highest quality. In addition, our team is always looking to stay ahead of the latest trends and ensure that you never miss a potential sale by having a wide selection of the latest technology while maintaining well-forecasted stock of the best selling products - we understand that "out of stock" means a missed sale in your stores! 

Packaging - At AMPD Accessories, we pledge to go the extra mile and provide products that are professionally designed and packaged with the features that retailers demand - like UPC labels, SKU numbers, and product names with descriptions. While this approach takes additional time and costs more, we believe that our clients demand more and see real benefits of our packaging and branded AMPD lineup of products - in their bottom line profits.

Pricing - The wholesale accessory market is extremely competitive, and we understand that. Do to our buying power, vendor relationships, and commitment to our client base we promise to deliver products at a competitive price range while still delivering the quality packaging you expect from our brand

Professionalism - With decades of distribution and retail experience, we know that a quality website with build in features like real time freight and tracking, invoice history, and bulk order fill are not just "nice" features to have, but essential to be efficient in everyday tasks. Combined with our state of the art website, we pledge to provide responsive and respectful customer service  at all times and will do our best to satisfy any wireless accessory needs you may have for your business. 

Thank you for doing business with the AMPD Accessories Family - We look forward to earning your continued support and wish you the best in your business!